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Mineral Springs Truffles

Mineral Springs Truffles come from the Truffiere, planted with french oak trees located on 15 acres near the picturesque town of Daylesford.

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truffle oil and salt combo

Truffle oil & salt

Spice up your recipes with the rich earthy flavour of black truffle oil, honey and salt. One of our favourite recipes has been the oyster mushroom and truffle pasta. Just a dash of truffle oil instantly adds flavour and a variety of health benefits to any dish.

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Persian Love Cake Baking Kit - Iranian Food _ The Food Lovers Marketplace

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Exotic Bazaar

We’re super excited to announce that Exotic Bazaar is now apart of The Food Lovers Marketplace. They have a  range of exquisite, Middle Eastern food products that you can easily incorporate with your everyday cooking.  

Baking & Cooking Pastes

There are so many amazing recipes out there but let’s be honest when you are working full time some are definitely more appealing than others. This is where cooking and baking pastes come in incredibly handy. Ingredients like Tagine, Tabrizi and mushroom stock can form the basis of more complex recipes saving time and money.

Tagine Sauce _ Exotic Bazaar | The Food Lovers Marketplace