About The Food Lovers Marketplace

Empowering Australian small business

The Food Lovers Marketplace is an Australian-owned, multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace that connects small food businesses, home food business, artisan producers, beverage makers, farmers and more with customers in their local area and around Australia. Customers can search for food producers, view their products, chat with them, customise and place an order. We’ve broken down the barriers, building a bridge between consumers and producers. The platform provides the right tools to empower Australian small business. 

Get to know us

Who we are?

The Food Lovers Marketplace is an e-commerce marketplace, connecting Australian food & beverage producers with consumers from across the country.

What we do?

Our platform provides a simple tool, allowing sellers to showcase their products, giving them more time to focus on what they love. We've included the right tools to simplify business operations and provide support along the way. Most importantly, we bring people together.

Our story

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team behind Marketplace felt the need to further assist the struggling food industry. Innovators in the digital revolution, they worked to formulate, and bring to life this platform that would empower businesses in the digital age.

Mission & Vision

At The Food Lovers Marketplace, our mission is to empower small businesses so they can reach new heights of success.
Our vision is to be Australia's leading trading platform for the Food & Beverage Industry.

More about The Food Lovers Marketplace - Our Values


People from all walks of life are welcome on Marketplace. We celebrate the diverse range of cultures we have right here, in our own backyard and encourage learning through food. Breaking down barriers through culinary experiences. We're all part of the story.


Ownership is encouraged and promoted, resulting in greater trust. Taking control of your own outcomes makes for a positive result. Vendors on Marketplace are given the flexibility to take control of their stores, allowing them to share their story in a way that is meaningful to them.


At Marketplace, the greatest contribution we have to offer is our ability to bring people together. At the center of any relationship, whether it be professional or personal, is trust. Being fair, giving confidence and being reliable. We build relationships that are based on trust with our sellers, customers and shareholders alike.


Important in building trust, but in this case, honesty is creating a space where people can be themselves. They have a space where they can create and share food they love, when it suites them, at their leisure. They can be themselves, unapologetically. A basis for empowerment

Trust & Safety

Online shopping shouldn’t be stressful. At The Food Lovers Marketplace, we:

Manually and automatically verify all sellers listed on The Food Lovers Marketplace. We get to know our sellers, creating a trusting relationship. 

Check all products before they go live for extra safety. This also allows us to further assist sellers should they need help. 

Ensure that a full refund is provided in the case where an order is not fulfilled. 

Take reviews and feedback on customers and sellers alike very seriously. 

Have installed safe checkout. Customer Information is encrypted, safeguarding it from online threats. 


Legal Information

The Food Lovers Marketplace is a Australian Ecommerce platform 

For all businesses enquiries and for more information about The Food Lovers Marketplace, send us an email at admin@thefoodloversmarket.com.au