Australian Produce

Get 100% Australian produce delivered to your door (or collect your order from a local supplier). When you shop at The Food Lovers Marketplace, you help support Australian producers.

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Buying Australian produce direct from farmers

Buy directly from farmers, artisan producers, small-batch producers and help our local economy thrive.

We are lucky to have incredible produce right here in our own backyard. So why not stock up your fridge and pantry with local alternatives?. At The Food Lovers Marketplace we’ve created a platform that enables you to discover local producers, view their products, get to know them and be apart of their story.

Australian Produce Providers

Local supplier, Totally Fruity has a range of Australian dried fruits sourced from around the country. All of their products are as nature intended, from farm to table and free from added preservatives and sugars. When you shop from Totally Fruity, not only are you supporting a small business owner, but you’re also supporting Aussie Farmers.

Alike, the range from Bareback Biltong, uses 100% Australian beef for their biltong, making for a superior product.