Baking & Cooking Pastes

A baking and cooking paste is a semi-liquid emulsion that is often used to add aromatics or flavours to recipes. Cooking sauces and pastes are often prepared in advance or purchased to add to a separate recipe.


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What are the different types of baking & cooking pastes?

Cooking pastes come in various flavours to cater to different recipes.

Common baking and cooking pastes include:

What are baking and cooking pastes used for?

Cooking and baking pastes are typically used to add flavour to a variety of different recipes. The recipes can often range from sweet (gelatos and pastries) to savours (soups and stir-fries). Cooking pastes can also be used to form a  recipe base for a variety of different foods such as a Turkish recipe base.

How many types of baking pastes are there?

There are a variety of different past types that you can utilise to master a variety of different recipes.

Baking pastes types may include:

  • Curry pastes
  • Vegetable pastes
  • Stock pastes
  • Fruit pastes

There are also a variety of pastes available that will allow you to easily build the recipe for a particular cuisine.

How do you cook with baking and cooking pastes?

When using a cooking paste most pastes are introduced using heat and added with meat or vegetables to infuse the flavours.