The Food Lovers Marketplace offers Buyer Protection to all customers. Find out more information below. 

Your safety is important to us...

which is why we have added extra measures to ensure that your shopping experience is simple and safe. When in doubt, get in contact with us, and we will take care of the rest for you. Simple.

Verified Sellers

All sellers have provided proof of identification and a relevant Food Business License in line with their category of products.

Refund Guarantee

All payments are held in escrow until the order has been completed. If you do not receive your order, we can easily process a refund.

Safe Payment Gateway

Greater peace of mind with SSL Encryption. SSL protects sensitive information such as credit card details—by making them private & confidential.

Dispute Resolution

If a problem you are experiencing does not get resolved by the seller, let us know, we will assist in resolving the matter.

Marketplace tips

Before purchasing, check the sellers store

At the bottom of the product page, you can check the vendors information. Visit their storefront, read through their 'terms & conditions'.

Read the seller reviews

See what others are saying about the seller. If there are no reviews for the seller, visit their social media pages for feedback.

Contact the seller

If you have any questions about a product/order, chat with the seller using the 'chat now' feature on their storefront or request support from the product page.

Check the product location

If you are shopping for a product that cannot be shipped (perishables), please check the products location, as you may have to pick-up the order.

Do not make any direct payments to sellers

Unfortunately, we cannot intervene if you have made a direct payment to the seller. We will not be able to process a refund or protect you.

Ask for dietary specific products

If you have allergies, contact the seller and ask if they can make something to cater for your needs.

Seller Verification

We check for verification, so you and your loved ones can be safe

By law, anyone who handles or prepares unpacked food is required to have a Food Business License. The law varies depending on your local council. In order to list on The Food Lovers Marketplace, all sellers have to present a copy of their Food Business License. 


In some council areas, a Food License is not required for certain products eg., fresh produce, teas & coffee, confectionary etc. Please check with your local council for more information on licensing.


If you have purchased a product that has not been prepared in a sanitary environment and does not meet, health standards, leave a review on the sellers page.

Subscribe & get to know local producers.

Refunds & Dispute Resolution

Online shopping shouldn't be stressful. Haven't received your order? No worries, we can help out with that.

Our Buyer Protection Policy ensures that you can get a full refund if:

  • You have not received your order in full
  • You have been unable to resolve the matter with the seller
  • The seller has been unresponsive


If you haven't received your order (as suggested by the delivery times/seller), you can either submit a refund request directly to us or you can contact the seller to make an alternate arrangement. If you and the seller cannot come to a suitable agreement, let us know and we can help out. There are some situations where we will not be able to mediate eg., in the case where you provide the wrong delivery details. Please see the Refund Policy for more information.