Fresh Honeycomb

Fresh honeycomb is a natural product made during the honey-making process. All of the fresh honeycomb is able to be eaten. This includes the waxy cell structure that contains the honey.

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What does fresh honeycomb taste like? Isn't it all waxy?

Now I know what you're thinking, isn't fresh honeycomb usually reserved bears? Well, it turns out that bears make fantastic honey taste testers and they are definitely on to something with fresh honeycomb. The fresh honeycomb is a little dry at first although it quickly becomes deliciously chewy as it releases the rich honey stored within the honeycomb.

Are there health benefits from eating fresh honeycomb?

Eating fresh honeycomb is by far the best way to ensure you are eating raw Australian honey. The delicious waxy cells contain a variety of natural antibiotics, propolis and even trace amounts of royal jelly.

Can you swallow the honeycomb wax?

The fresh honeycomb wax is certainly edible and will start to soften and dissolve the more that it is chewed. It is a common choice as a natural sweetener or even eaten on its own. For a few ideas on how to best utilise your fresh honeycomb make sure you jump over to the Foodies Kitchen blog article for a few great ideas.