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How to keep spices fresh for longer

How to keep spices fresher for longer | The Food Lovers Marketplace

Handy tips and tricks that show you how to keep your spices fresh for longer. Yes, spices don’t stay good forever. Treat them right and they’ll treat you right by adding incredible flavour to your dishes. Spices that are fresh release more flavour as opposed to ones that have gone bad. 

Buy whole spices

Whole spices last longer than ground spices. We’d recommend buying them whole and grounding as you need. For an easy, cost effective solution, use a coffee grinder for your spices. 

Refrigerate them

Yes you can absolutely refrigerate spices! Chilli and paprika actually retain their colour when kept cool. 

Buy what you need

If you only use spices once a week, then buy the equivalent amount. Don’t buy in excess if you won’t use it, cos yes, spices do go bad. Less waste = best. 

Keep dry

Something to keep in mind – dry spices last longer and humidity is not your friend. Always use a dry spoon for measuring and ensure that you store your spices in an air tight container. We’d also recommend mixing spices ahead of time, away from the heat of the stove. This minimizes steam/liquids from entering packaging. If you live in a humid climate, consider looking into best practices for storing spices in the fridge. 

Routine checks

Don’t forget about that garam masala you were gifted from a friends mum last Christmas. Check in on your spices and taste for freshness. You’ll never know when you might need to whip up something delicious. 

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