Mushroom Stock

Mushroom stock is a fantastic way to add additional flavour and nutrition to any dish. Whether you’re whipping up a stirfry or slow-cooking a stew a good quality mushroom stock has you covered.

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Our mushroom stock supplier

Our vendor The Broth Sisters offers a range of soup mixes, broths and stocks that are perfect additions to any pantry. Our mushroom stock includes a mix of lions main and shitake blended with garlic, balsamic and thyme for that aromatic kick.

Are mushrooms stocks worth adding to your recipes?

When cooking I know myself that I run through garlic like its going out of fashion and I absolutely love adding a italian mixed herb blend or chai powder for that aromatic kick. Mushroom stock powder should be used in the same way. Mushrooms are renowned for having strong flavours that shine through in any dish while also being packed with nutritional value.

What type of mushroom stock should I buy?

This really comes down to preference really and what you are looking to add to your dish. If you're looking for more aromatics oyster mushrooms or shitake are often great bets whereas if you are focussed more on nutrition you may consider the addition of lions mane.

Are there any easy recipes that use mushroom stock?

Absolutely, the obvious example would be soups or broths although one you mightnt have considered is a mushroom gravy/sauce. Simply add the mushroom stock powder to your gravy next time your cooking a roast. It blends harmoneously with the fats of a pork or lamb roast.