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Australian-made Artisan Chocolates & Confectionary delivered to your door (or collect your order from a local supplier). Shop for a range of sweet treats made by local chocolatiers and small businesses.

Stock up your entire pantry with local produce in one, convenient online location. At The Food Lovers Marketplace you can shop from a range of artisan producers and small batch producers in your area and around Australia.

Discover the amazing talent we have in our neighbourhoods and support the smallest of small businesses. Shop online, get to know suppliers, contribute to the brands you consume every day.

To shop, select ‘Artisan Chocolates and Confectionary’ and add in your location. Through geolocation search, you will find sellers in your local area. You can even chat with suppliers to see if they can customise a product for you. Check their delivery options as some small businesses only offer local pick-up which may be ideal for you.

It’s okay to treat yourself. Indulge in a sweet treat and let life’s magic unfold. Perfect for any occasion or shared amongst family. Or you can eat it alone if you choose to. Whatever the case, curb your sweets craving with a local alternative. Have leftovers? No worries, add to warm milk in Winter for a delicious hot beverage. Big hint!

When you shop at The Food Lovers Marketplace, you can select from a range of Aussie-made, handcrafted products. For the adventurers, the S’mores Kit is a camping essential. Handmade graham crackers and marshmallows, making for a superior product. Not only are the marshmallows handmade, they are also gluten-free and halal. A great option for food gifts and events.

If you are looking for Aussie-made chocolates the range on hand is supplied by Sydney brand, Three Chocolatiers. The Speckles block is a popular option.