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Date Vinegar

$12.00 Exotic Bazaar

Saffron & Cardamom Love Cake Baking Kit

$28.00 Exotic Bazaar

Ras El Hanout

$6.80$45.50 Exotic Bazaar

Organic Rose Petals

$7.50$52.00 Exotic Bazaar

Organic Nigella Seeds (Black Cumin)

$5.50$29.12 Exotic Bazaar

Rose & Relax With Saffron Love Cake & Cardamom Tea

$32.00 Exotic Bazaar

Pure Date Syrup

$7.50$94.00 Exotic Bazaar

Half & Half Duo Sushi Bake

From: $25.00 Dat Delish Dish

10x 75g Original Biltong

$90.00 Bareback Biltong

DIY Tahini Sauce

$4.95 Arabian Bites

Original Falafel Mix

$9.95 Arabian Bites

Aromatic Rice Spice Blend | 1kg

$84.50 Exotic Bazaar

Fesenjoon Recipe Base – Walnut & Pomegranate

$12.00$80.00 Exotic Bazaar

Gheymeh Recipe Base – Aromatic Spice + Black Lime

$12.00$80.00 Exotic Bazaar

Black Lime Whole

$3.00$26.00 Exotic Bazaar

Aromatic Rice Spice Blend

$7.50$12.50 Exotic Bazaar

10x 75g Smoke Chilli Biltong

$90.00 Bareback Biltong

Instant “Brewable” Broth Christmas Pack

$54.90 The Broth Sisters

Stock Concentrates Christmas Gift Pack

$46.80 The Broth Sisters

Wholefood Pantry Christmas Gift Pack

$49.80 The Broth Sisters

Shop for International Food from a range of local home cooks, bakers, small batch producers and farmers. Experience food from around the globe right here in Australia.

What is specialty food?

Specialty foods are unique. Made with specific ingredients or originating from a certain country. Here in Australia, we are fortunate to have a diverse range of foods from across the globe. We get to experience many cultures here in our own back yard.

At The Food Lovers Marketplace, we encourage diversity through food. You will find a range of food products made locally, inspired by flavours from across the world.

Our range of International Food includes:

Asian Food including Korean, Japanese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese and Chinese food.

You will also find Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan foods, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine. We have included our Pasifika neighbours in the diverse list.

At The Food Lovers Marketplace you can get to experience food from around the globe. Seller, Dat Delish has brought Filipino lockdown trend, sushi bake all the way to Brisbane. Shop from 4 different types of sushi and experience a truly unique concept.