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Get African food delivered to your door (or collect your order from a local supplier). Buy directly from Australian small businesses.

Ever wondered what it’s like to visit Africa? Or are you feeling homesick? Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. As we won’t be able to travel for a while, take a trip to Africa through food. Made locally in Australia, inspired by flavours from across the globe.

What are popular African foods?

Biltong is one of the most popular snacking foods. Quite similar to Australian jerky, the flavoured meat makes a great nutritional snack, packed with protein. The dried meat tastes best with extra chilli.

Pap, also known as sadza, a common Southern African dish made from maize meal. The porridge like meal accompanies meat and stew dishes.

Jollof Rice, super delicious but an extremely hard to find dish in Australia. The Nigeran delicacy makes a great addition for a large occasions and family meals. Made from rice, tomatoes, onions and pepper.

If you’ve been to Durban then you should know what of Bunny Chow. It has nothing to do with a rabbit. A hollowed out piece of bread filled with an extremely hot curry. A common street food in South Africa and one worth trying.

Discover African food, right here in Australia.