Raw Honey Australia

Our Australian raw honey providers offer a range of raw honey products. Whether the honey is sourced from the eucalypts of central Queensland or infused with truffles from Victoria our honey is guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds.

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Our Australian raw honey options include:

  • Paddington honey
  • Mt Coot-Tha honey
  • Gumnut honey
  • Great Dividing Range honey
  • Fig Tree Pocket honey
  • Coastal honey
  • Roof Top honey

What are the benefits of raw Australian honey?

Raw honey is well renowned for being jam-packed with health benefits due to its antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Honey often has the ability to serve as a healthier replacement for sugar and between you and me it goes incredibly well with chai powder in tea.

How can I tell the difference between raw and regular honey?

Regular honey is typically identified by its smooth texture, even colour and the inability to effectively crystalise. This is due to the honey pasteurisation process. Raw honey on the other hand is extracted straight from the beehive and strained before being bottled. This maintains the natural nutrients and antioxidants during the bottling process.

What is the difference between the Australian raw honey varieties?

The taste and texture of honey are typically defined by its nectar source. As you can see with the products above there is a large variety of different nectar types that contribute to their unique flavours. Hive and Harvest for example offer a variety of native and urban pollinated honey.

What are the uses for raw honey infused with truffle?

The infusion of raw Australian honey and truffle creates a rich yet earthy flavour which is perfect for stir-fries or perhaps honey roasted pork if you are looking to get a bit fancy. Our truffle honey is sourced from regional Victoria at the small rural town of Daylesford.