Refund Guaranteed

Haven't received your order? No worries, we can help with that.

The Food Lovers Marketplace offers a comprehensive refund policy with a refund guarantee on orders that have not been received. If a seller fails to deliver the requested items as agreed, you are eligible for a full refund. In the first instance, contact the seller to come to an agreement. If you cannot come to mutually beneficial agreement, contact us and we will provide a refund. There are some situations where we cannot assist with a refund:

Refund Policy | The Food Lovers Marketplace | Guaranteed Refund

Refund Process

If you have not received your order, you should:

Contact the seller

Contact the seller directly to check the order status.

Come to an agreement

Try to come to an agreement with the seller or request a refund.

Contact support

If you cannot get in contact with the seller, or if they are not being responsive, contact support.

Refund processed

We will process a refund for your order to your card or via PayPal.

Sellers Refund Policy

All other refunds

Non refunds

For all other refunds and returns, check the individual sellers refund policy. We will not be able to mediate for the buyer in the following situations: 

  • Where the order is properly packaged by seller and later damaged by the delivery carrier.
  • The items have been impacted after delivery is complete.
  • Products are as described but don’t meet the buyers expectations.
  • Seller and admin have been unable to get in contact with the buyer throughout the purchase process.
  • On orders placed outside of Marketplace.

Dietary specific orders

If you have advised a seller of a specific dietary requirement, and the order does not meet the request, you will be eligible for a refund. Please contact support immediately in such a case. If you do have a specific dietary requirement, but fail to advise the seller, the seller will not be held liable. 

Buying Policy

Your rights and requirements are as a customer on The Food Lovers Marketplace.

The Food Lovers Marketplace is a platform where you can purchase food related products from local, independent sellers in Australia. We created this platform to bring lovers of food across the country together and we want you to have a positive experience connecting with and shopping from local sellers. Please read on to find out more about your rights, as well as what is expected of you, as a buyer.

This policy works in combination with our Terms of Use Policy. By shopping on The Food Lovers Marketplace, you are agreeing to this policy and the Terms of Use Policy.

  1. Understanding The Food Lovers Marketplace Limitations

The Food Lovers Marketplace provides an online platform for buyers to discover and purchase from local sellers in Australia. It is important to note that The Food Lovers Marketplace is not a part of that transaction. By shopping on The Food Lovers Marketplace, you understand that:

      1. You are not buying directly from The Food Lovers Marketplace, but from one of the many local food producers on Marketplace;
      2. The Food Lovers Marketplace does not pre-screen sellers. We request a copy of the sellers Food Business License, and Food Supervisor Certification in accordance with their local council, however we do not check the sellers preparation processes and products and therefore cannot guarantee or endorse any items sold on The Food Lovers Marketplace or any content posted by sellers (eg, ingredients used, product descriptions in listing, store policies and images used);
      3. The Food Lovers Marketplace is not part of the logistics process for product deliveries;
      4. Each seller on The Food Lovers Marketplace has their own processing times, delivery methods, and shop policies; and
      5. You assume responsibility if you provide your own materials for a custom order.

As a member of the community, you have the opportunity to report an item or a shop that violates any of The Food Lovers Marketplace policies. More information on submitting a report here.

  1. Purchasing a product on The Food Lovers Marketplace

When you buy from a shop on The Food Lovers Marketplace, you’re directly supporting an independent business, each with its unique listings, policies, processing times and delivery methods. By making a purchase from a seller on The Food Lovers Marketplace, you agree that you have:

      1. Read the item description, vendors location information and shop policies before making a purchase;
      2. Submitted appropriate payment for item(s) purchased; and
      3. Provided accurate contact and delivery information to the seller.

By making a purchase, you also agree to comply with our Payment Policy.

3. Leaving a product or seller review

Reviews are a great way to share your experience with other buyers and assist the seller in growing their brands reputation or help warn other from making a purchase.

You can leave a review on a product or a sellers store only if you have purchased an item from the seller and the order has been completed.

Your review can include a one to five star rating and description of your purchase or your experience with the vendor. You can edit your review as needed. Your review and profile information will be publicly displayed on the seller’s listing and review pages.

By leaving a review you acknowledge that your content may not:

      1. Contain private information;
      2. Contain obscene, racist, or harassing language or imagery;
      3. Violate our Anti-Discrimination Policy;
      4. Violate our Communication Policy;
      5. Contain prohibited medical drug claims;
      6. Contain advertising or spam;
      7. Be about things outside the seller’s control, such as a delivery carrier, The Food Lovers Marketplace or a third party;
      8. Contain threats or extortion;
      9. Falsely inflate a shop’s review score; or
      10. Undermine the integrity of the Reviews system.

Sellers may respond to reviews of three or fewer stars. Sellers’ responses to reviews must also comply with this policy.

We reserve the right to remove that violate our policies or Terms of Use.

  1. Reporting a Problem with an Order or Requesting a Refund

The Food Lovers Marketplace Dispute Resolution

Although The Food Lovers Marketplace is not directly involved in a transaction between a buyer and a seller, we provide a dispute resolution system in the unlikely event that your order does not go as expected. By using The Food Lovers Marketplace’s case system, you understand that we may use your personal information for the purpose of resolving disputes with other members. You can use The Food Lovers Marketplace’s dispute resolution system to come to an agreement with the seller in the event of a non-delivery or if an item you receive is not as described in the listing. (Click here to learn more about cases how to escalate a case). Refunds issued by The Food Lovers Marketplace will be in your original form of payment, and if such payment is not available, a credit will be issued.

A non-delivery occurs when a buyer places an order but does not receive the item. The following are examples of non-delivery cases:
      1. The seller does not attempt to make a delivery for the order, with no explanation given.
      2. An item was not sent to the address provided on The Food Lovers Marketplace.

Not as Described
An item is not as described if the buyer can demonstrate that it is significantly different from the seller’s listing description or photos. Here are a few examples of not as described cases:

      1. The item received is a different flavour, size or quantity.
      2. The item is made from ingredients that were not listed.
      3. The seller failed to disclose that an item is damaged.
      4. The buyer received the incorrect quantity of items (e.g., the buyer purchased three items but only received two).
      5. The item was advertised with a dietary specification but did not accommodate for it (eg, listed as gluten free).
      6. The condition of the item is misrepresented (e.g., the item is described using images that were not a representation of the product).

Not as described cases can also be filed for late delivery. In order to qualify as late delivery, the buyer must provide proof that all of these conditions have been met:

      1. The item(s) were ordered for a specific date or event.
      2. The item(s) are rendered useless after that date.
      3. The seller did not ship the item(s) according to their processing time or the date agreed upon in Messages.

If The Food Lovers Marketplace determines that an item is not as described, the seller will be required to refund the order, including original postage and any return postage fees. The return postage cost on behalf may come in the form of a store credit. Refer to the refund policy.

Ineligible Transactions

Some disputes don’t qualify for The Food Lovers Marketplace Dispute Resolution system. These include:

      1. Items that are damaged by delivery carrier (if properly packaged by the seller).
      2. Items that are damaged after the seller has made delivery.
      3. Items that are damaged after the buyer makes collection.
      4. Items that have been altered after receipt.
      5. Items that are received after the agreed-upon delivery date due to delivery delays.
      6. Orders where re-delivery has been made as the buyer was not available for the set pick-up/delivery date.
      7. Items that are returned without a return agreement.
      8. Items that are accurately described but don’t meet a buyer’s expectations.
      9. Cost of delivery disputes.
      10. Items that are purchased in person.
      11. Items prohibited from sale on The Food Lovers Marketplace, including services and intangible goods.
      12. Transactions where payment is not made via The Food Lovers Marketplace checkout system.
      13. Transactions where the buyer has been unresponsive with the seller in setting a delivery date/time.

Requesting a Cancellation

Only sellers may cancel transactions. Buyers may request that a seller cancel an order via The Food Lovers Marketplace Seller Support System, Live Message or the stores enquiry button. Note that all cancellations must comply with our Anti-Discrimination Policy. Once an order has been cancelled, you may be eligible for a full refund (view refund policy).

Returning an Item

Each seller has his or her own return policies, which should be outlined in their Shop Policies. Not all sellers accept returns. Check with the seller on their individual refund policy.