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Date Vinegar

$12.00 Exotic Bazaar

Tamarillo Jam

$9.95 Mad Mountain Family Farm

Mulberry Jam

$9.95 Mad Mountain Family Farm

Saffron & Cardamom Love Cake Baking Kit

$28.00 Exotic Bazaar

Ras El Hanout

$6.80$45.50 Exotic Bazaar

Sourdough Flakes

$18.95 Sourdough Flakes

Mixed Style Cupcakes

From: $28.00 No More Crumbs Bakery

Maleny Honeycomb

$13.50$23.00 Hive & Harvest

Dry Parsley Flat Leave | 1kg

$25.22 Exotic Bazaar

Black Pepper Whole | 1kg

$18.60 Exotic Bazaar

Luxury Doughnut Bouquet

From: $90.00 Hey Donuts

Organic Rose Petals

$7.50$52.00 Exotic Bazaar

Organic Nigella Seeds (Black Cumin)

$5.50$29.12 Exotic Bazaar

Rose & Relax With Saffron Love Cake & Cardamom Tea

$32.00 Exotic Bazaar

Pure Date Syrup

$7.50$94.00 Exotic Bazaar

Half & Half Duo Sushi Bake

From: $25.00 Dat Delish Dish

Dried Mango

$12.00$40.00 Totally Fruity

Pineapple Reaper Sauce

$9.95 Mad Mountain Family Farm

10x 75g Original Biltong

$90.00 Bareback Biltong

DIY Tahini Sauce

$4.95 Arabian Bites

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How To Shop On The Food Lovers Marketplace

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On The Food Lovers Marketplace, you will discover a range of products including cakes made from local bakers. A great option for birthday parties and events. Biscuits are also a super popular option. Plus some vendors offer Australia-wide shipping on cookies making them a great gift option. Have you checked out our confectionary section? It’s sure to make you drool. We also have an incredible range of sauces and spices from local producers.