Interstellar Beverages
Interstellar Beverages

Interstellar Beverages

  • St Ives, New South Wales, Australia
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Vendor Biography

Interstellar Beverages is a 100% family-owned beverage startup

By mixing our two passions – astrology and locally-sourced alcoholic beverages – we aim to disrupt the existing alcoholic beverage market and challenge the stereotypes, perceptions and associations of certain types of drinks.

Interstellar Beverages is an innovation.

We hope to influence and revolutionise an industry that has not been challenged in many decades. Interstellar Beverages work with the best in the industry to produce Aussie-made beer, gin, vodka, champagne, wine and whiskey inspired by the ancient wisdom found in the stars. Our beverages are playful, uplifting, and celebratory.

Our mission extends well beyond being just a beverage company.

Interstellar Beverages offer feel-good alcoholic drinks based on our values of empowerment, spirit, and individuality.

Never stop to EMPOWER your strengths – Always EMBRACE your flaws – Forever CELEBRATE you being you!

Empower – Embrace – Celebrate!

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