Sushi Baker

Our sushi bakers provide delicious deconstructed sushi rolls. Baked in a casserole pan and served with a side of delicious nori sheets our sushi bakes are guaranteed to tantalise your tastebuds.


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How long will my sushi bake last in the fridge?

Usually, sushi bakes last up to three days in the fridge. Although as any good sushi baker will tell you they are always the best fresh.

Can I customise my sushi bake order?

You can customise and try new flavours as part of enjoying a sushi bake. When ordering your sushi bake delivery you can select from the various checkboxes, selecting ingredients you would like to add.

Is there salmon in the sushi bake?

The salmon in the sushi bake is pre-cooked and then flaked before being added by the sushi baker.

Do I eat sushi bake warm or cold?

Our sushi baker recommends eating sushi bake warm although there is no risk to eating it cold like regular sushi.

Can your sushi bakers cook it for us?

When ordering your sushi bake delivery you can select either baked or cold. Our sushi baker recommends having it delivered cold so you can enjoy it fresh out of the oven.

Sushi Baker Near Me

Currently, the best bet is our Brisbane sushi bake delivery option. Our sushi bakers over at Dat Delish Dish will have you completely catered for.