Truffle oil is fantastic way to add flavour to a variety of dishes. Whether your whipping up a stirfry or even making some scrambled eggs for breakfast a splash of truffle oil will do the trick. The Food Lovers Marketplace offers a variety of truffle products including black truffle oil and truffle salt.

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What is truffle oil made of ?

Our truffle oil is a combinations of black truffle essence and virgin olive oil. This combination allows the truffle oil to infuse into a variety of dishes such as pastas, fish and strirfries.

What is so special about truffle oil?

Truffle oil is well renowned for its strong earthy like flavour which compliements a variety of dishes. A populular example is the Food Lovers Truffle Pasta recipe.

Why is truffle oil expensive?

At first it may seem a little pricey although after cooking with truffle oil for a while because of the strong flavour you typically dont need much in a recipe. I treat it similar to sesame oil when cooking.