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organic products at The Food Lovers Marketplace | Australian Produce

Discover organic products that are made from  ingredients with no additives,  artificial colours and are preservative free. At The Food Lovers Marketplace you will find a range of products from local vendors that are made using natural ingredients and are free from hidden nasties. A great way to support sustainable practices and local, Australian businesses. 

Discover Local, Organic Products

Hive & Harvest

The range of honey from Queensland small business, Hive & Harvest has no additives, is unprocessed, and comes straight to you as the bees intended – from hive to home. Their farm in the coastal hinterland is a pollinator’s paradise and with the perfect climate combined with fertile hills of old growth flowering natives our bees could not be happier. Their mission is to provide a wide range of organic products using pure Australian honey while promoting stewardship for our most important pollinators through environmentally sustainable business practices.

The team offer Australia-wide Shipping.

Tweed Real Food

Products from Tweed Real Food are 100% Australian made and owned. They use all natural ingredients that are produced on their family owned farm in Northern New South Wales. Their organic products are FREE from Gluten, MSG, GMO, preservatives, fillers, anti-caking agent, soy, dairy and additives.

Australia-wide shipping.

Mad Mountain Family Farm

Mad Mountain is a family owned (and operated) farm located at Tomewin Mountain in Northern New South Wales. They produce high quality, organic, artisan products with a focus on sustainability and natural healing. They begin with organic seeds in their greenhouse, permaculture gardens followed by hand harvesting produce and herbs before crafting them into organic products. They also make award winning chilli sauces & jams, herbal teas aimed at natural health and wellness and also have a fully stocked greenhouse open to the public by appointment. All products from the farm have no artificial colourings, flavourings, thickeners or preservatives.

Australia-wide Shipping.

Totally Fruity

Totally Fruity sources the best, Australian, dried fruit for you to enjoy. The fruit they sell is naturally delicious- no added preservatives, no added sugar, no added colouring – just fruit.  Australia-wide Shipping.

Exotic Bazaar

Brisbane owned business, Exotic Bazaar, produces a range of products that have no preservatives, additives, refined sugar or excessive salt, and certainly nothing artificial. The choices available are suitable for most diets including, Gluten Free, Vegan, and Keto Friendly.

Danny Balboa Sauce Co

Products from Danny Balboa are packed full of fresh and local ingredients and are all gluten-free and vegan friendly without any additives or preservatives. Australia-wide Shipping.